This is the header page of a generic glossary of terms that I’ve created using the unique and potentially confusing terms that have been used over the course of this blog. Please offer any comments below if you have suggestions of words to add or suggestions on how to improve the definitions given of some of the terms.


I have disabled comments on each individual page. Please direct any you may have here. Thanks.

11 thoughts on “Glossary”

  1. Minor nitpick: You have two terms beginning with “The” in the T section – The Feminist Bible and The Narrative, but usually articles are dropped in assigning the letter, so I’d look for “Narrative, The” under N (maybe with a “see Narrative” in the T section).

    The list is quite comprehensive and helped me understand the subtlety that “Calling Men to Lead” does not (even implicitly) include calling women to submit. There is a lot of this misdirection and legerdemain.


  2. Rationalization Hamster has some info at the link, but “Runs faster and faster in a wheel while going nowhere” is part of it. There was a HTML5/javascript animation on one blog.

    You might want to distinguish or note the feminist usages here often mean something different if not contrary to what they originally meant.

    “I don’t think that word means what you think it means” – Quote from The Princess Bride.

    “Chivalry” meant something different to the medieval Knights, I don’t think any of them would recognize what is being called chivalry. (I’m currently reading Lewis: The Discarded Image, but it has not so far gotten to anything related and may not contain it). There was a “women and children first” which I think isn’t part of the code but related, Women included but I doubt they would have included spinsters. A woman might be pregnant or have an unweaned baby.
    I think it shows up more clearly in the heading and discussion “White-Knight Feminism (Chivalry) And The Feminine Imperative”. Chivalry is the excuse a White Knight uses, but usually the white Knight has none of the virtues a medieval Knight would have.

    Similarly with “Covenant” marriage. Most would simply think it meant divorce (and especially remarriage after one) would be completely banned or severely limited.

    As an example, you do clarify in:
    complementarianism : the theory of gender interaction that men and women are complementary sexes with different functional roles within marriage relationships. While true of Scripture that women complement men, traditional feminism takes this doctrine to mean that men complement women and in this sense is most referenced.
    (I want to joke that men have to be continually giving women compliments, lest they become unhaaapy).

    Side note, “Brides of Christ” also refers to Nuns – those who decide to never marry but spend their lives in worship and service to Christ. The exact opposite of feminist.

    A few more thoughts:

    You missed “Courageous”, an equally horrid man-fault movie by the producers of “Fireproof”. You might also want to add an AKA from Dalrock’s reviews (Firebombed / Craven).

    Vox Day has a set of names with a finer granularity and somewhat different definitions of the hierarchy (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega, Sigma, Lambda). As they are different enough, sometimes it will confuse the discussion.

    “Frivorce”, see “Frivolous Divorce”.

    Game is also a general term for hypergamy and redpill, etc. The PUA is the exemplar of the amoral, secular male.

    Hypergamy is not just the mating practice. Hypergamy is where the woman finds higher status males – alphas – sexually attractive (akin to men liking visually beautiful women) and desires to mate with them. See “tingles”.

    “Man Up” refers to the “Real Man”, but I think it should simply be clarified in place. When something is clearly against a man’s interest to do and often clearly not required by scripture, but the churchians wish to push it, they use the term “Man Up” to attempt to link his refusal to do something stupid or sinful with weakness or effeminacy. “and marry the slut” is a common example.

    Separation of Church and State – as the state has grown larger and more intrusive (“public” schools are now “government” schools), the doctrine that the Church has to give in and vacate any area of society the Government decides it has some interest in. Examples: Welfare, Poverty.

    SMV/MMV Sexual Market Value, Marriage Market Value.

    Submission – the biblical/scriptural relationship of a wife to a husband.

    Rebellion – the relationship of a wife to a husband most commonly promoted.

    Headship – the biblical/scriptural relationship of a man to his family. Implies both authority and responsibility.

    “Bad Boy” – an Alpha male that engages in evil or risky behavior or is simply aggressive or is physically strong and attractive, but is often not wealthy or of high societal status thus becoming targets for hypergamy. Examples are motorcycle gangs, violent criminals (often in prison), non-wealthy rock or country musicians. Isn’t there a “Jesus as Bad-Boy” image somewhere here?

    “(good) Provider” see beta orbiter.

    “nice guy” see beta orbiter.

    beta orbiter – electrons surrounding and attracted to the protons in the nucleus of an atom. (Just seeing if you’re paying attention).

    MGTOW – those who aren’t on the road to hell paved with feminist good intentions. Might also mention “Men on Strike”. Your entry expands specifically on “marriage”, but most commonly it is just rejecting the irrational and contradictory feminist requirements for men – e.g. they throw themselves at bad boys but accuse “nice guys” of attempting to rape them when they ask something innocent.

    Covenant v.s. Contract – It is easier to get out of a long term marriage with many young children than to get out of student loan debt. (Aside: were a proposal put forth allowing “gay marriage”, but also allowing an enforceable “till death do us part” contract with the 3rd party as the church and allow no breaking of the contract, I’d likely be a supporter).


  3. Some updates (03/15/2015):
    1. typo on Team Woman fixed
    2. “step up and lead” modified to include mention of the typical Father’s Day sermons.
    3. reordered a few entries to be alphabetically correct
    4. “The” removed from Feminist Bible and moved to E-L.
    5. reworded the definitions of feminist headship theology, feminist shaming tactics, Carousel, Christianity, Game, man up rant, marriage contract, marriage license, Men Going Their Own Way slightly.
    6. Reference to “most responsible teenager in the house” added to Child Alpha.
    7. mention of taxation added to “freedom of religion”, “501c3”, and “church incorporation”.
    8. “frivorce” and “drop that zero and get yourself a hero” added.
    9. Hegelian Dialetic changed to add the typical summary (thesis/antithesis/synthesis).


  4. @tz
    Good suggestions, I’ll definitely be considering them.

    You have two terms beginning with “The” in the T section – The Feminist Bible and The Narrative, but usually articles are dropped in assigning the letter, so I’d look for “Narrative, The” under N (maybe with a “see Narrative” in the T section).

    I was originally thinking proper names on both of them. I thought on “The Feminist Bible” a little more and realized that the “The” part is probably not necessary, so I moved it to the F’s. “The Narrative” on the other hand is intended as a proper name to accentuate that its not just “a narrative” but “The Narrative”. Reordering it might do good in order to be consistent, but these overall were something I wasn’t quite sure about.

    The other problem that you note is one of pro-forma meanings versus meanings born out in practice (denotation vs. connotation). It’s hard to make the meanings clear on some of these things without being confusing in the first place. For example, while “covenant marriage” is as you say as well, the problem sowing confusion is that “covenant marriage” as it is taught denies that as a literal definition (as the linked post indicates), effectively removing any true covenant conditions out of the marriage. Again something to think on more.


  5. Updated (03/16/2015) primarily reflecting tz’s suggestions:

    1. bad boy, covenant, headship, Marriage Market Value (though it doesn’t exist, added to reflect its usage), MMV, nice guy, protector, provider, rebellion, Sexual Market Value, SMV, submission added.
    2. covenant marriage, hypergamy, and Men Going Their Own Way edited.


  6. YNLHACLHC = the standard, default, always-blame-the-husband universal answer of 501c3 hireling shepherd pastors and other “christian counselors.”
    It of course stands for “You’re Not Loving Her As Christ Loves His Church.”
    Any man who hasn’t had this automatically thrown at him has never been through the hellish hazing
    of modern incorporated evangelical marriage counseling. All it takes is one session of it, though, and if you’re the one in the marriagr with the inherently incriminating penis, you WILL have this thrown at you. I don’t see it in the glossary? Did i miss its equivalent under a different acronym?


  7. Note: i admit the acronym needs tinkering, but this phrase is such a cliche now among trad con pastors and mangina counselors that it really may deserve a place on the list. It just needs a catchier title or acronym, similar to how memorable and catchy NAWALT is.


  8. Another bogus pop-psychology buzzword that has become something of a meme for trad con counselors who ignorantly have assumed it is biblical is this phrase:
    “Women are RESPONDERS.”
    It is a wonderfully little diabolical phrase that again places all of the blame for the problems in a marriage upon the man, and places upon him all of the responsibility for “courting her again” so she won’t have to be so unhaaaaappy.
    Of course, this is another cliche phrase that enables women to not be viewed as adult moral agents.


  9. @JF It’s all a variant of feminist headship theology and its step up and lead call (you do that because you haven’t been loving her as Christ loves the Church). It might be worth adding that phrase to “step up and lead”

    This call is made when the wife perceives the husband is not leading the family sufficiently to her standards (not loving her as Christ loves the Church), or generically on occasions such as Father’s Day

    I’m not sure if “Women as responders” needs to fit in “step up and lead” or “feminist headship theology” somehow, but it’ll require some thought.


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