The Psychology of the Churchian Woman Worshiper

Occasionally, one just comes across some absolute gold when it comes to things. I’ve talked before about the typical state of men when it comes to the churches and marriage numerous times over the years. It’s rare to see an example of one so sold into the prospect of going against God’s plan for marriage.

As found on Reddit (screen-capped for obvious reasons), we have a perfect psychological study of Blue Pill Churchian female worship:

Unfortunately, this is more the rule than the exception.  While I’m tempted to leave much of this to the commenters here, the notables that haven’t been said are worth explaining.

This guy likely struggled for 18 years against this woman’s resistance, society, his church, and everything else, until finally he had that Fireproof moment where he finally gave into Satan’s tempting and followed into the sin of Adam by submitting to his wife. One could naturally say that things might get less hectic since he finally stopped fighting her resistance, realizing he had no control anyway in this modern age. Sadly to say, this poor tool bought himself a one way ticket off the narrow road due to his resulting abdication of his God-given role, not to mention the idolatry and goddess worship he exhibits in this post.

Regardless to say, this is a great illustration out of many of how Godly marriage (Marriage 1.0) has grown completely bankrupt. The wise will know that this inversion of marriage from one that glorifies God to one that glorifies Woman has unfortunately become the norm due to deliberate action of both the churches and society:

Marriage 2.0 is unfortunately the default these days. Sadly, it seems this man has not only taken the Blue Pill, but has started evangelizing it against the way and plans of the one true God, even reading Scripture into his worship of his wife. Can this man be saved? Likely at this point, he will end up getting the typical frivolous divorce because the wife grew bored and unhaaaaaapy, scrapping the witness of the Lord and His Church. It’d be nice if I could say this is the exception, but unfortunately it’s the rule for marriage these days.

With marriage like this, is it any wonder that men with any decent sense avoid marriage, when they see exactly what it means to man-up?

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. (Proverbs 22:3)

Joshua Harris Has Divorced

It is notable that when you can find an ending to a story, and unfortunately we have a sad one in Joshua Harris, as he has divorced from his wife Shannon.

This might not be ordinarily note-worthy among the legions of divorces that happen in this country, but this one is special as he has written two books with the intent to instruct people on how to do “the dating thing” (specifically courtship) correctly with the point of producing Godly lasting marriages, both of which have gotten reviews here:

I Kissed Dating Goodbye
Boy Meets Girl

And other posts have been done on the text of his first book:

Here’s Why Christian Mating Is So Messed Up
Courtship: Rotten Stinking Fruit
They Only Want One Thing!
Christian Homeschooling: Raising Children or Controlling Them?

Given all the analysis above, sadly, this news was completely and wholly expected, given the content of his two books. Anyone with any drop of discernment would have seen this coming. Notably, his second book got many revisions due to the divorces his poster couples underwent after they were published.

While I grieve the waywardness from God, Harris’ hearkening to the Personal Jesus has led to a very expected result. His falling away from faith resulted in putting his trust in men and himself, as a super-majority of those that claim Christianity do. It is well noting that Harris didn’t even follow his own advice in IKDG, much less look into Scripture for his answers. There is no good end for anyone that does that, as a lot will be rudely awakened to sometime in the future.

A lot of the result can easily be traced back to Harris’ lack of discernment. As I noted in my review of the other book, Harris ending up fulfilling every one of the standard blue-pill tropes regarding Shannon to the letter, including the “man-up and marry that thot” one. I don’t think any of the articles or anything would tell us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shannon forced the divorce because she was bored and unhaaaaaapy.

Funny how a lot of this red-pill stuff (though a lot who claim that are really blue-pill) has a way of proving itself right. But like a lot of God’s precepts, men have a tendency to think that calamity won’t happen to them if they go off and follow their own script instead of look to God ways. As quoted from his Instagram post:

⁣⁣ The information that was left out of our announcement is that I have undergone a massive shift in regard to my faith in Jesus. The popular phrase for this is “deconstruction,” the biblical phrase is “falling away.” By all the measurements that I have for defining a Christian, I am not a Christian. Many people tell me that there is a different way to practice faith and I want to remain open to this, but I’m not there now.⁣⁣

I would submit, as many probably would, that Harris was never really “there” with Jesus to begin with. Unfortunately, many men and women are in that exact same place, and then “fall away” when the ways of the men they follow disappoint them in some way. I’ve personally witnessed this in churches, where as many as 1/3 of the attendants will go away when some leader sins, as I’m sure many who will read have. The evidence is all over his books. He very likely had a personal relationship with his own Personal Jesus rather than submit in discipleship to the real Jesus and His teachings.

If there is a lesson out of all of this it is that. I do not rejoice in what has happened to Harris, but still it is a heavy proof of the wages earned for following men instead of God. Follow Jesus and follow Him alone.

Movie Review: Kingdom Men Rising

As always, it seems there is a latest fad that goes around Churchian circles. The current one seems to be a movie named Kingdom Men Rising, and since I got the opportunity to view it, a review seems to be in order.

Foundationally, this movie is a documentary that purports to explore what it is to be a real man in a world where there is confusion about masculinity. Tony Evans appears predominantly in this film along with others such as Kirk Franklin, Jon Kitna, Tony Dungy, and others. They discuss their lives, bringing out a lot of the typical issues directed towards men such as pornography, sexual unfaithfulness, and other issues. As well, there are many admonishments directed towards men in order to push them towards “biblical manhood” as opposed to the definitions of manhood as given by the culture.

Functionally, the movie had some decent messages in and of themselves. In its messages, it pushes men towards taking responsibility for their own actions and for following the dictates of God. It pushes a definition and call to discipleship, and shows a message of pushing away from past faults into a message of grace.

However, it threads the same old pathetic well-worn path most of the Churchians pull, the sins common to Churchianity and to traditional feminism. It showcases the prideful nature (Phariseeism) that many of the pastors and other speakers have in churches today. They head worldly organizations which pander towards the world and encourage men into worldly vocations and interest. The segment where one of them talks about “those people that are just plain weird” was rather shocking, as Scripture itself will delineate that those of Christ will be called out and separate from the world. Christians very much should be different from the world (holy) because Christ is holy.

Then in the stress for discipleship, the proper focus of that discipleship was definitely questionable. In the talk about discipleship, the target wasn’t Christ, but Tony Evans or the others that talked about being “leaders of men”. Too often, people are discipleshiped into the man-made church, or to certain leaders instead of Christ. Fallible men are not worthy of being followed, nor are the works of their hands, but only the one that lived a perfect life on this earth and died on the cross. May His Name be praised!

“Biblical manhood” illustrated.

As to be expected, the traditional expectation of men to be the chattel servants of women are accentuated. While Evans correctly states the focus of men in this interview: “All of them should be shifted to God’s definition of man, which means a male who is consistently operating under the rule of God over every area of his life,” the problem is the worship of women is imputed as Godliness. By absence of calling out women for their very active roles in the decline of marriage and family by pushing away their children’s fathers via his-fault divorce, not calling out men for enabling the will of women over God (repeating the sin of Adam) and imputing the ills of this society onto men alone (because after all feminism just isn’t working because weak men just aren’t manning up and playing along) this film supports well the tenets of traditional feminism.

Ultimately, a man’s lord becomes his wife and his children, following in the sin of Adam, as illustrated by the wicked works of his daughter. And while many rationalize a definition of masculinity from Scripture, Scripture only lays upon men to love God and keep his commandments. Ultimately, masculinity is defined by women to service them and it is this definition that Evans upholds in this film. As Evans illustrates:

The culture, Evans said, has stripped men of their “divine responsibility” to be provider, protector and leader of the family.

“At the same time, men have made it easy for that to be stripped from them by how men have dishonored women, abused women,” Evans said. “So we have facilitated it, but that means it’s time for change.”

Note that “provider”, “protector”, and “leader” are traditional feminist sex roles imputed onto the men by women.

Overall, this movie is just another chapter in the long droning clanging noise that Churchian traditional feminists make in order to enforce the continuation of woman worship over God worship. They say, as this film does, that society isn’t working because men just won’t man-up or step-up (repeatedly said in the movie to the point I lost count). In the end, all this film turned out to be was an hour thirty long man-up rant, that unfortunately sought to slam men for being men, exalt women in their sin by comparison for the topic being completely absent, and debase the image of God that man put into Creation.

Hopefully men like Evans and all the others in Churchianity will repent of this idolatry for which we are being judged for in this society, but I’m not holding my breath. Sadly, most all of the men applauded this film at its showing. Which tells us the obscenely wicked nature of man. (Isaiah 5:20) It seems we will go down to judgment before the Lord to thunderous applause.

Rating: 3 out of 10.

Book Review: Love & Respect

Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Thomas Nelson; 1 edition (September 1, 2004).

Book Image

As always, there’s an interest in marriage, and especially Biblical-defined marriage on this blog. To that end, this book is of interest given its popularity. As requested by Jeff, here is a review.

Eggerichs makes the whole basis of his book one verse in Ephesians: However, you also, everyone, let each one love his wife as himself, and the wife, that she give deference to the husband. (Ephesians 5:33) In doing that he attempts to describe it using two acronyms in order to avoid the conflict in marriage that the author calls “The Crazy Cycle”: COUPLE and CHAIRS. In using the COUPLE acronym in relationship to men loving women, Eggerichs points to Closeness, Openness, Understanding, Peacemaking, Loyalty, and Esteem. In using the CHAIRS acronym in relationship to women respecting men, the author refers to Conquest, Hierarchy, Authority, Insight, Relationship, and Sexuality.

At 324 pages, this book offers an incredibly repetitive view of one Scripture and could have been shortened considerably. To that end, Eggerichs pulls in other Scriptures, but often pulls them wildly out of context to support his views. The author ignores other Scriptures in order to attempt to make his message more palatable to the world and to the sensibilities of women. In addition, the book offers a feelings-oriented, psychologically-based view instead of a factual-based covenant view of marriage as described in the Bible with the goal to honor God. Eggerichs comes close to this idea in the final chapters (“The Rewarded Cycle”), but falls short in relating this. This is a New York Times bestseller, and if the world loves you, watch out!

While the book contains some kernels thrown towards the men in the name of “respect”, the book fits the definition of traditional feminist marriage to a tee. The book offers no solid discrete Biblical definition of either “love” or “respect”, nor addresses Biblical submission of the wife to the husband sufficiently. Submission is defined as the husband’s responsibility to “protect and provide”, whereby the woman submits by simply accepting what he is expected to do by her will.

The bulk of the good in this book is found in the final chapters in that Eggerichs rejects the idea of the wife being the husband’s Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, the message to men is that “loving their wives as Christ loved the Church” is that they are to be doormats (or worshipers) to women in the guise of chivalry in order to allow her to “change” him. This book encourages the average immaturity of women, and places them as the sole beneficiary of the marriage. Ultimately, respect becomes as described by Dr. Laura in terms of praise and appreciation for all the good “tricks” her husband does to service her every whim.

Finally, Eggerichs shows a poor understanding of marriage and of the natures of men and women in general. He misses the import of what happened to Eve, Adam’s resulting sin and God’s resulting judgment (Genesis 3:17: “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife” [rather than God]). He rather misses the rebellious nature of women in buying into the “women as responders” doctrine – “if he would just love her sufficiently, she would fall in line and respect him”.

The reviews of the book on Amazon illustrate a number of other topics that Eggerichs refused to deal with, such as the erroneous view that women need to be respected rather than honored (her desire that her husband submit to her, not existing in Scripture). The average state of rebellion that women exist in before God is a major issue of marriage, but sadly is not dealt with in this book in the name of “respect”.

Overall, this book is another excellent manual of what Blue Pill marriage (Marriage 2.0) looks like. While excellent as a chronicle of such things, it is ultimately useless for advice in dealing with the real and numerous obstacles the society, the churches, women, blue-pill men, and other entities have placed on men who have desired a God-honoring meaningful marriage that bears fruit to His Name.

Rating: 3 out of 10.

Book Cover Image Source: Amazon

Marriage Is A Feminist Tool Used Against Men

In response to my previous post responding to this one, blogger Derek Ramsey continued and tripled-down on his feminist man-shaming and has made himself completely clear in doing so. The only thing I can say it’s absolutely astounding to find myself arguing Red Pill 101 on a manosphere site, especially stuff Dalrock and others have covered ad-infinitum.

While it’s become obvious that blue-pill won’t ever turn into red-pill in Ramsey’s ridiculous assertions regarding my positions, I thought it might be enlightening to others to attempt to explain the role that marriage plays within feminism.

Defining the Feminist Marriage
Ramsey writes:

Marriage and family are not feminist concepts. They are the foundations of functioning society and must be embraced. They need to be taken back from the feminists, so to speak.

I never argued that marriage and family are feminist concepts in total. As I have always argued, marriage and family are concepts created by God as a building block of society. What I do argue, however, is that those things have been subverted into tools by the feminists in order to facilitate their control of men and perpetuate the view of female superiority that swims in the mind of every woman from birth. To that end, all women are feminists and a large degree of men that follow into the pattern taught them and function as enablers of the will of women into society.

To that end, marriage and family has been redefined from something that brings glory to God into something that brings glory to the woman. Besides leading men into committing the sin of Adam and forfeiting the grace of their salvation before Jesus, the idea of marriage has been changed to support these basic feminist concepts. I denote this change by using the appellation of version numbers. Marriage 1.0 is marriage and family as God intended it. Marriage 2.0 is the feminist redefinition. I posted a chart reflecting the differences here.

Part of the function of marriage is to secure the enslavement of men to women. This is reflected by the base definition of marriage to be the prostitutes deal of conditional sexual access for lifetime enslavement to the woman. Children further reinforce the shackles the man has been placed under, as the sole reason for the woman to have sex with him dries up after she’s obtained the number of children she desires. She has her hooks into her prey.

Now if we take Ramsey’s suggestion that men just need to man up and marry those thots to fight feminism, it becomes ludicrous on the face of it. I or any other man can’t make marriage into what they want or what God wants, even if one finds the rare unicorn that is both actually fit for marriage and doesn’t believe the world revolves around her. The legal system has set itself up to unilaterally define the parameters of marriage and put the full force of itself against those who would violate those parameters. Anything reflecting God’s word is automatically considered “abusive” in the eyes of society and of the divorce courts. There is no amount of game or “keeping frame” or otherwise that will change or stop this. Notably, this leads to the issues of no-fault divorce, the Duluth Model, child support, alimony, and the like when the woman finds her man unfit or she gets bored or “unhaaaaappy” in the marriage. Ramsey or anyone else has no answers for the men they bid to walk into the meat grinder when these men get served with their divorce papers. They will be long gone when that happens, just like others will for those that think they can avoid feminist control and yet be married.

Then we look at the period within the marriage. Say we find the perfectly marriageable woman who hasn’t been indoctrinated into the goddess, who doesn’t believe that the world should revolve around her and her desires (Satan generally takes care of that not happening anyway through the children). The rest of society is there to council her in feminist ways, including all the women in her social circles. His money is really yours, the sirens whisper in her ears. How dare that man of yours tell you “No”! These people, including those preaching in the churches, sway the woman into a feminist position. The men are not immune either, constantly being reminded of how lesser they are compared to their wives in society, and reminded they need to man-up and marry and then in the marriages “step-up and lead the family” – or in other words, submit to his wife and fulfill her will. This redefinition has been rationalized into the Scripture via tradition to the point that almost nobody sees this, including Ramsey.

There Is No Good Marriage
This leads into the next thing Ramsey wrote:

But make no mistake: if we don’t increase good marriages and the number of children in those marriages, feminism will win.

Feminists might breed themselves out of existence by refusing to reproduce, but who is going to replace them if the anti-feminists also refuse to reproduce? Where are the future anti-feminists going to come from? Feminism only needs to indoctrinate the children. Our counter is marriage and family. It’s the only one we have. We must find ways to do it and stop making excuses for not doing it.‡

As I just illustrated, there’s no such thing as a “good marriage”. Just a feminist one that continues to feed men into the fire while putting their resources in the hands of women, creating children to perpetuate the process. The marriage ultimately just produces children to feed right into the process, starting with the mother’s own feminist indoctrination from infancy. As aptly stated, feminism only needs to indoctrinate the children, which is done well within the home, schools, and wider society. This indoctrination is an inevitability with feminism in place – there is no place that anyone can go without being exposed to feminist messaging and consequences for not heeding that programming. Marriage is not a counter to feminism, but the vehicle in which feminism is effectuated and grows.

A lot of men have looked at the issue with wisdom and have determined that as long as feminism exists, marriage is a counter-productive activity which only perpetuates feminism instead of ends it. There can be no other answer until feminism is dealt with. Deal with feminism, then we’ll talk about marriage and children.

Solipsistic Fallacy
Ramsey writes:

When the Brothers scoff at having more children, their anti-feminist stances become meaningless.† Words and actions must go together. When they recommend against a proper marriage, they fight against the very tool required to solve the problem. Avoiding marriage and family is counterproductive, no matter how well-intentioned.

In looking at Ramsey’s parting shot, it shows just how illogical both posts have been. As shown, the tool required to solve the problem of feminism is not marriage, as lack of marrying is not what is creating the feminism problem. The problem is a systemic failure of wider society that has infested marriage, causing women to reject marriage for their goddess delusion and men to reject marriage for the factors mentioned above. As long as Marriage 2.0 remains the default and only expression, marriage is poisonous for men. I respect the choice of men to marry or not, unlike Ramsey and the other advocates of feminism that make their man-up rants. The more that men don’t enter into marriage, the more that feminism doesn’t work. This alone scares supporters of Marriage 2.0 into making these man-up rants, since married men are needed to make feminism work and when marriage is gone, feminism ceases to function. Add to this the effects that Marriage 2.0 have on society like the economic ones Ramsey points out and it scares them even more. The house of cards is toppling, deservedly so:

Jack makes a great point, describing most of the advocates of Marriage 2.0 in this day and age:

Brother Derek has had the luxury of having married a decent woman early in life. From this perspective, his viewpoints are pretty solid. The problem is that the vast majority of men (and women) can’t enjoy the same luxuries as Ramsey (and his wife), and we know this is because of the bastage of feminism.

After reading all the horror stories and general facts of life, it’s hard to not believe there’s an incredible amount of solipsism and deception out there. “Since marriage works for me, it works for everybody”. They do not heed the horror stories as a wise man would (Proverbs 22:3) and avoid them. They rationalize that they just didn’t do it right or some other such thing. Yet the facts on the ground are what they are, and can not be changed by those that would wish it all away.

As for men that have red-pilled themselves, the words and the actions are going together. In addition to speaking out, they are avoiding entanglements with women that will lead them onto the plantation. They see feminism for what it is and how it affects society, and especially marriage. Sadly so few men do, and still function to uphold and perpetuate feminism.

That said, barring anything fantastic, this is the last thing I’m going to write on this particular issue.

One Hundred Years of Men’s Rights Have Come To Nothing

In drafting the last post in response to one on another blog, I thought of a graphic but didn’t have the time and energy to dig it out until now.  I don’t know who came up with it or where it even come from anymore.  But it points out that:

  1. Feminism is a much older way of thought that most people tend to think.
  2. Feminism is ultimately ill-defined to the point that anyone that seeks to be against it always fails.  A proper solution to a problem always begins with an accurate definition.
  3. The nature of power and all that it is predicates that those with it will not give it up willingly.   When those in power are wrong, it will always require some pain in order to remove them from that power.
  4. Yet few will come up with an accurate definition or an effective solution, nor will support the actions required to enact an effective solution. Therefore, the problem will never be dealt with.

Man Up, Marry Those Thots, and Save Western Civilization

I had occasion to come across something I was seeing when the SoP blog closed, the feminist man-up rant to the men that don’t know their proper place with the excuse that men need to do it to save Western Civilization. In “Does Marriage Keep Society Afloat?”, we have the very correct observation made by Derek Ramsey that birth rates are going down and that it’s going to effect the economy. However, his conclusion leads us right into another typical feminist man-up rant: The men just aren’t playing along because they aren’t marrying and having children.

To borrow the only line I ever quoted from Davis Aurini on my blog, Ramsey is seeing the appearance of the problem and not the essence of it. The essence of the problem is feminism, which created the economic conditions (among other things) that were pointed out.

Chart Describing The Nature of Feminism

Unfortunately, it was not enough for Ramsey to point this out, but to double-down:

>Look at Japan, it’s there for everyone to see. Their decline is here, but they are just the first in line.

Let’s look at Japan further. There’s a movement there with men called “grass-eaters” or “herbivore men” who have rejected traditional marriage because of the feminist overtones. The men were expected to be “Salary Man”, working as much as possible. Then as the facets of traditional marriage go, they were expected to present their pay checks to the wife for use and live off of whatever she deemed fit to give him not unlike how marriage works in Western Civilization. It is well known in marketing circles that women control the purse strings and contribute to a vast super-majority of all the spending in the economy. Simply put, in Japan as here, feminism created incentives against marriage and family.

>The only way out of this, without significant side effects, is to support marriage and increase family sizes.

Now here is where Ramsey really goes in the rough with his arguments.

>This requires abolishing abortion and defeating feminism.

The only agreeable thing he wrote. The existence of abortion is a condition created by feminism, so the only requirement is defeating feminism.

>The refusal to marry and have children (e.g. MGTOW) is actively harmful and contributes to the self-feeding destructive downward cycle.

This is wholly incorrect. Either Ramsey has a incorrect perception of feminism, or is a traditional feminist apologist (don’t know which).

>I don’t care what the excuses are for not marrying and having children. Make it work. Otherwise wave the white flag and embrace feminism.

In other words, Ramsey wants men to embrace feminism by getting married and having children. Therein lies the problem as Ramsey sees it – the weak men just aren’t playing along to make feminism work. Traditional marriage represents the locus of control of feminism, and to that end marriage is poisonous to men. They see all the evils of marriage as represented through the divorce courts, alimony, child support, and the like. They see the expectations upon them to serve their wives and be walking ATMs, to absolutely no benefit to men. Then they see the cramped job market and the increasing cost of living, and realize marrying will only increase that to the point of making it unsustainable. Then they see the poor moral quality of the women available, which has made them un-marriagable. Larger numbers of men have figured this out and are avoiding it and more will continue to so. They all definitely see the only function of marriage in this day is to bring men under the control of women, impoverishing men and enriching women in the process.

The answer to the problem Ramsey rightfully points out is to defeat feminism, making it a disgusting way of thought. Unfortunately, feminism is so ill-defined in the minds of most that opposing “feminism” ultimately does no good because they don’t define the problem well nor have the will to do what it takes to solve it. All manning up and marrying the thots will do is perpetuate the problem.

Most MGTOW will recognize that it will take massive societal pain to break the control that women have gained in this society via marriage and other means. If one looks through history (reading “The Fate of Empires” by Glubb will be very educational), they will find that there are cycles of empires and certain characteristics of those. The USA is at the end of its cycle as well as Western Civilization and will experience some pain in the end to “correct” things, as there’s no political will towards true morality. Often, there will be those like Ramsey that want to reverse the state of things instead of correct them – rather rebuild feminism instead of eliminating it. This is as many men, who chafe before the consequences of their actions and will seek to remove them, but will not seek true repentance before the Lord. Repent and correct the conditions that make marriage poisonous to the point that feminism is a “never again” entity and you will get increased marriage and child birth within two or three generations.

As long as women are in control as they have been the last 400-500 years things will stay the same as they have always been, and there will be the typical societal downfall that comes with judgment before the Lord. After all, a society that has systematically cannibalized half of its members will inevitably fall, and more importantly deserves to fall. Nature always seeks equilibrium.

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach. (Isa 4:1)