Society of Phineas is Live

Consistent with my other announcement, I have restored all the old posts from the old Society of Phineas blog. While my views have changed and shifted some since 2012, much of what is there should be useful.

Some notes:
1. Most of the text in the posts seem to appear right.
2. All the intra-site links point to the old blog. I have no intention in trying to fix these. You should be able to put the current site’s link instead of the old one and get another link if you find something you’re interested in. (As far as I can tell, this has been fixed.)
3. None of the images have been restored at this point. I will attempt to do that at a later date. (As far as I can tell, most of the relevant images to posts should be up now.)
4. While I’m not interested in editing and proofreading, I’ll probably be doing some other cleaning tasks in the course of checking over the older posts. (This is still in process, but I won’t worry about being too quick about it.)
5. A lot of it isn’t too organized aside my very generic category tags. One of the long needed tasks that I’ve needed to do is try to organize it a whole lot better.

For most part the blog is restored correctly now. Anyhow, hope all the effort is appreciated!