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(While I have preserved the original “Marriage 1.0” content, I have added the automated article listing for the entire blog following that. While it’s not what I was looking for, it will be much better than nothing.)

In the course of reading this site (or in general), the question of what Biblical Marriage is might come up. Biblical Marriage or Traditional Marriage is what I refer to when I refer to Marriage 1.0.

A Biblical definition of Marriage 1.0 can be determined from the blog posts below:

The following blog posts appear on

7 thoughts on “Article List”

  1. To complete the subject of marriage, I would like to suggest Tom Shipley’s “Man and Woman in Biblical Law” to you. You can find it at amazon here: or at this website:

    Do keep up the good work. Your Christocentric emphasis is just what is needed.

    God bless you.


  2. A quote from Tom Shipley that I think is pertinent: “It seems that very few peole have the perspective that it is the will of God and conformity to His commandments that this is all about. And of course the truth that is the foundation of this. For me, what I see is a major defect in the Church that NEEDS to be addressed and corrected. Doctrine works itself out into life over time. People and societies as a whole tend to LIVE OUT their theological and philosophical premises with greater and greater consistency as the implications of their system of beliefs are thought out and worked through. The doctrinal defects that have plagued the Church since its early days have led us to where we are today. The antidote to this is to declare the truth ‘with great plainness of speech,’ as the apostle Paul put it.”

    God bless you.


  3. I have updated this page with a couple of blog posts that have been made which further the definition of what Biblical marriage entails.


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