Glossary E-L

(updated 03/16/2015)


EAP : see Evangelical American Princess.

egalitarianism : the heretical theory of gender interaction proposed by modern feminists that men and women are exactly identical in role and function, and any differences are a result of rigidly defined gender roles in culture. See this and this for more discussion.

entitlement princess : see Evangelical American Princess.

Evangelical American Princess : a woman, typically raised in the traditional feminist environment, who was raised with an extreme sense of entitlement, a focus on their “self-esteem”, and with acutely unrealistic expectations about life. See this for details.

EPL : an acronym based on the movie Eat, Pray, Love. See divorce fantasy.


fabulous cash and prizes : a meme phrase describing the hopes and intentions of a woman caught in divorce fantasy, as framed in terms of game shows. The divorcing wife hopes that in the process of divorce that she can collect a large majority of the financial holdings of the husband as well as future alimony and child support payments, often acting as an incentive to divorce her husband.

female infantilization : the process by which the women themselves and other parties render women into the state of children. This includes feigning physical weakness, feigning stupidity, absolving women of responsibility for their own actions (assuming that women have reduced or no moral agency), and public fatherhood.

female sexual repression : as part of female infantilization (traditional feminism), the systematic repression of a woman’s sexual desire and appetites as affected by how she was raised as a child and society around her and perpetuated by herself and the expectations of her suitors in order to be viewed as a child which requires provision and protection as opposed to an adult. See this for further discussion.

Feminine Imperative : see traditional feminism.

Feminism : a movement or ideology which represents and practices female-supremacist hatred towards men.

Feminist Bible : generally, any Bible which is re-translated to support feminists interests. Specifically, referring to the New International Version, which has been especially noted for feminist re-translation. See this for further discussion.

feminist headship theology : the heresy given by feminist Churchianity where the affirmative command is given to husbands to “step up and lead their families”, as opposed to what appears in Scripture (that wives submit to husbands). This inversion causes a situation where the husband is given a responsibility without the commensurate authority over his wife to fulfill that responsibility. The frustration inevitably leads to failure, and the husband submitting to his wife. See this, this and this for further discussion.

feminist merit badges : the tasks or events that modern feminism has dictated that a woman can and should do before she considers marriage. This includes college, a career, travel, missionary or volunteer work, and riding the Carousel.

feminist shaming tactics : emotional devices meant to play on a man’s insecurities and shut down debate. They are meant to elicit sympathy for women and to demonize men who ask hard questions. Most, if not all, shaming tactics are ad homimem attacks. See this for more details.

Fireproof : a “Christian” movie produced by the Kendrick Brothers in 2008, notable for being very non-Biblical in its presentation of marriage due to the lack of respect the wife presented as well as the divorce fantasy presented in the plot. However, it found critical acclaim in the Churchian community to the point that it was seen as a model for proper marriage. See this for more details.

First Amendment : the first amendment to the US Constitution, generally referred to in terms of religion on this blog. See Freedom of Religion.

Fitness Test : (Game term) A less vulgar form of the common term s*** test. This is an action whereby a woman challenges the man’s frame in order to judge the reaction or response she may get. In order to pass the fitness test, the man must accurately judge whether it is something he needs to do in the relationship with the woman or if she is trying to push him around.

freedom of religion : As applied to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the idea that the government can not establish a State religion, nor can impede anyone from practicing their religious beliefs freely. Historically, any taxation on churches was considered a violation of this freedom.

frivolous divorce : a typical no-fault divorce, which is effected for reasons other than adultery.

frivorce : see frivolous divorce.


Game : a practice referred to by pick-up artists (PUAs) used to pick up women. While presented as an alternative to beta orbiting and supplication, this practice continues the goal of garnering the validation and acceptance of women through appeals to the flesh and can legitimately be a continuation of traditional feminist practice. The goal of Game becomes not lifetime commitment through marriage but temporary sexual exploits. In Christian terms, this reinforces the narcissism and solipsism inherent to women instead of correcting them in Christ.

gina tingles : the more specific term. See tingles.

Gnosticism : an early heresy (1 John is thought to address this) affecting the Christian church to this day. It espouses a dualism regarding spirit and matter, considering spirit as good and matter as evil. Anything done in the body is has no meaning because real life exists in the spirit realm. They claim that salvation is gained by “higher knowledge”, reflected by the relationship of the believer with the deity. See this.

Goddess Cult : the pagan worship of the Queen of Heaven, reflected by many names, such as Astarte, Diana, Isis, and Ishtar, and existing within the Catholic Church as the worship and veneration of Mary.

good man : a man whose actions and thoughts are all considered useful and beneficial to women. He ceases to be a good man when a woman finds displeasure with anything that he does or thinks – e.g. watching sports, playing video games, going out with the guys, using pornography. Contrast with Real Man.

“grace” : as used by a Churchian, applied to the unconditional acceptance of a person’s actions and beliefs without consequences. “I can do whatever I want and no consequences shall come to me.” See this.

grow up : a typical phrase issued as part of a Peter Pan charge in church environments. Synonymous with “man up”.

gynocentrism : see traditional feminism.


Hamsterlator : a meme indicating the interpretation of the ramblings of a rationalization hamster.

hamster acrobatics : the musings of a rationalization hamster.

hand grenade analogy : the common analogy (parachutes are used as well) used to describe the risks of marriage for men. It involves selecting a hand grenade out of a box of grenades which may or may not be a dud, a percentage assigned by the risk of divorce or the risk of divorce coupled with “cheaper to keep her” marriages. Then the person pulls the pin and holds the grenade. The analogy asks whether the person would undertake the risk given the consequences of the hand grenade going off.

Harley Rockbanddrummer : a meme term indicating a kind of man the average feral woman is attracted.

headship : a position that indicates leadership over another, which implies authority and responsibility over that other. See this, this and this for more details.

Hegelian Dialetic : The continual process of change via compromise (thesis + antithesis -> synthesis) in order to effect a change of moral values. See this and this for further discussion.

High Holy Hamster : the religious form of the Rationalization Hamster, synomymous with the Personal Jesus.

hook-up culture : A culture that accepts and encourages casual sex encounters, which focuses on physical pleasure and not emotional bonding or commitment.

hypergamy : the mating practice where a woman find a man attractive a man that is of higher status than herself, generally for sexual interests. Coupled with serial monogamy (no fault divorce), this creates a woman who is always looking for a “better deal”, even in marriage.


inner beauty : see “beauty”. The term inner is often added to the word beauty to eliminate the confusion between the feminist quality of deity and the appearance of a woman that might be ascribed as “beauty”.


“love” : the term used by Churchians to represent romantic love, which is based on feelings and not action. “Love” is considered based on whether the person feel good and unconditional acceptance of their beliefs and ways. See this and this for more details.

lower the boom : the phrase used by marriage counselors and teachers, referring to divorce, when used as a threat point against the husband in order to gain his submission to the wife.