About This Blog
The goal of this blog is to present God through the Bible as He really is and not what the majority of men present Him to be. This will be done by highlighting what occurs today in Churchianity, as well as present what the Biblical standards for true Christianity are. What will be written will hopefully be what people need to read, not what serves the appetites of the hearers (2 Timothy 4:2-4) or the appetite of the writer.

Why “Society of Phineas”?
See this for an explanation of why this blog was named Society of Phineas.

Why do I use the King James version of the Bible?
Part of the problem with the way things are today compared to many years ago is that many more people have sought to make money by producing religious material. Most notable are the so-called “modern” translations of Scripture. In connection with the drive to make money, copyrights exist on these modern versions of Scripture which include conditions on how those Scriptures get used. Most aren’t aware of those conditions because they haven’t researched the copyrights in terms of creating content. The problem, of course, is what happens if you don’t tow the line on these conditions or the copyright holder just happens to get offended. Hence the King James Version as it is in the public domain, and therefore free to quote as much as required.

Commenting Conditions
I am generally very free with comments in terms of what I allow and what I don’t allow. Agree or disagree, I welcome seeing them. Common sense should dictate that I will deal with any comments that are not constructive in some way (for instance disruptive) or are a poor reflection upon God or Christianity (for instance blasphemy, or proselytizing other religions).

My Biases
I have a specific set of biases, as do most people. These will come out in the course of the posts here.

1. Salvation only comes from full discipleship in the Lord Jesus Christ. This involves putting Jesus’ words into practice by faith in the fear of the Lord and not good words, flattery, and intentions.

2. Absolute truth exists, and the Bible represents fully absolute truth.

3. Salvation can not be obtained by the works of men, either before or after acceptance. My thoughts and my deeds are what caused me (as well as all men) to need salvation. Therefore, the deeds, thoughts and creations of men will not sanctify me anymore than they justify me.

Book Reviews
Since I’ve started doing book reviews, I thought I should relay the conditions I’ve done them under. Every book I bring up in a book review or other conditions are ones that I’ve come across in my personal travels. I’ve been paid nothing to do them (and plan on keeping it that way in the near future), and in most cases have purchased the books myself. While my intention is always to relay my honest impressions, there are no interests talking in my ear trying to dictate a particular outcome.

E-mailing Me
The form below will reach my e-mail. Note that I reserve to make any communications I receive via e-mail public at my own discretion. Normally I would hope to not do this, but there are certain elements that might try to e-mail me who would better be revealed publicly (after all sin loves the darkness).

19 thoughts on “About”

  1. Stumbled on this through my WordPress app while searching for “Churchianity”. I look forward to reading some good posts.


  2. I am very impressed with the insight and spiritual wisdom expressed. Looking forward to more….


  3. You haven’t retired, have you? This blog made my daily-must-read list, and now the updates have ceased…


  4. Salvation comes through full discipleship? I thought it came through grace [Ephesians 2:8]

    It does. Too many, however, don’t recognize that the Lord does place requirements on those who wish to assume Him as Savior (namely that His grace not be without effect). It’s not hard to stumble across those as you read the New Testament. My statement of the Gospel is here, which does point out the issue of grace (Romans 6:1-7). But bias #1 points out that cheap and free grace (i.e. unregenerate individuals) won’t fly and that discipleship (conforming to the image of Jesus – Romans 8:29) is a requirement. This is not works but grace, because the Lord does this within us, but it requires submission to Jesus as Lord and Master through faith, which the modern church does not preach anymore.


  5. Your latest post was good. You know, I could ask you a million questions. Your thoughts are not too far off from the conversations me and my brothers have…

    If you ever want a list of shows to watch that are interesting, and of course, related to your subject matter, let me know.

    Over the summer, I spent hours and hours talking with many bible scholars.

    I ended up making many of them angry, or making them go cross-eyed, or sometimes, they would simply shrug their shoulders and say, “that’s actually a good question/point”…


  6. P.S. I noticed that you are now linking to me in your blog roll…

    You might want to reconsider that.

    My blog is quite “risque” so to speak.

    I’d hate any of your followers to be turned off by you because you are linking to my blog…

    Ultimately, it is your call – but – you may want to peruse my blog thoroughly before adding me as a link…


  7. Good idea. I didn’t see any posts that were more “risque” than a couple of the others in the blog roll, but I’ll be re-evaluating them all hopefully in the next week or two.


  8. I take no offense to you having me there – like I said – I would just hate to offend any of your followers – and encourage them to stop following you.

    That said, I have another question:

    Do you believe that men are being discouraged from following the church/word of God etc…?

    That is, do you believe that modern churches are discouraging the – uhm – lets say, “less feminized” men from participating in them?

    Because man – I just had a serious thought – after reading an article on PMAFT (pro-male anti-feminist tech).


  9. @Scarecrow The answers to your questions are Yes and Yes.

    I’ve read PMAFT and while secular and I would say anti-God given his perceptions about what Jesus is versus what the church is (i.e. Christianity vs. Churchianity), the author is one of the few that is speaking of the matter both clearly and unabashedly. Unfortunately, almost any of the religious blog commenters rail against the concepts of that blog, simply because PMAFT exposes their worldly hypocrisy exceedingly well, and they ultimately fail to see the point that it’s THEM that’s facilitating the worldly actions PMAFT speaks of. Simply looking for references to “the Sunday Morning Nightclub” outside of the PMAFT blog is both incredibly enlightening and entertaining.

    One of the goals of this blog (and a hope I take out of it) is to expose the true Jesus for who He is and the fact that these places are in no way true and full witnesses of what Christ is – especially due to the things behind your questions. In fact, realizing that difference is what brought me to a knowledge of the need to follow Christ.

    There are no immediate blog posts imminent over these issues, but it’s something I hope to get into more in the future than I already have. Posts where I have addressed these things come to mind:
    The Gospel Is Not Being Preached In Church Today
    Women are the more “Spiritual” Sex


  10. Thank you for taking the time to post this blog. I just began to read the posts and have found the content thought provoking and helpful in my understanding of the churches current absorption of feministic ideology.


  11. Let me know if you want to exchange blogroll entries.

    That would be good. I have already listed your blog on my blog roll.


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