Joshua Harris Has Divorced

It is notable that when you can find an ending to a story, and unfortunately we have a sad one in Joshua Harris, as he has divorced from his wife Shannon.

This might not be ordinarily note-worthy among the legions of divorces that happen in this country, but this one is special as he has written two books with the intent to instruct people on how to do “the dating thing” (specifically courtship) correctly with the point of producing Godly lasting marriages, both of which have gotten reviews here:

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And other posts have been done on the text of his first book:

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Given all the analysis above, sadly, this news was completely and wholly expected, given the content of his two books. Anyone with any drop of discernment would have seen this coming. Notably, his second book got many revisions due to the divorces his poster couples underwent after they were published.

While I grieve the waywardness from God, Harris’ hearkening to the Personal Jesus has led to a very expected result. His falling away from faith resulted in putting his trust in men and himself, as a super-majority of those that claim Christianity do. It is well noting that Harris didn’t even follow his own advice in IKDG, much less look into Scripture for his answers. There is no good end for anyone that does that, as a lot will be rudely awakened to sometime in the future.

A lot of the result can easily be traced back to Harris’ lack of discernment. As I noted in my review of the other book, Harris ending up fulfilling every one of the standard blue-pill tropes regarding Shannon to the letter, including the “man-up and marry that thot” one. I don’t think any of the articles or anything would tell us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shannon forced the divorce because she was bored and unhaaaaaapy.

Funny how a lot of this red-pill stuff (though a lot who claim that are really blue-pill) has a way of proving itself right. But like a lot of God’s precepts, men have a tendency to think that calamity won’t happen to them if they go off and follow their own script instead of look to God ways. As quoted from his Instagram post:

⁣⁣ The information that was left out of our announcement is that I have undergone a massive shift in regard to my faith in Jesus. The popular phrase for this is “deconstruction,” the biblical phrase is “falling away.” By all the measurements that I have for defining a Christian, I am not a Christian. Many people tell me that there is a different way to practice faith and I want to remain open to this, but I’m not there now.⁣⁣

I would submit, as many probably would, that Harris was never really “there” with Jesus to begin with. Unfortunately, many men and women are in that exact same place, and then “fall away” when the ways of the men they follow disappoint them in some way. I’ve personally witnessed this in churches, where as many as 1/3 of the attendants will go away when some leader sins, as I’m sure many who will read have. The evidence is all over his books. He very likely had a personal relationship with his own Personal Jesus rather than submit in discipleship to the real Jesus and His teachings.

If there is a lesson out of all of this it is that. I do not rejoice in what has happened to Harris, but still it is a heavy proof of the wages earned for following men instead of God. Follow Jesus and follow Him alone.