Book Review: Active Spirituality

Active Spirituality: A Non-Devotional Guide. Charles R. Swindoll. Word Publishing, 1994.


There’s been a distinct interest in “spirituality” and “spiritual transformation”, as can be seen in the number of books about angels and general occult things. Although, spiritual matters are often things seen as internal and not something that is actively lived. Charles R. Swindoll points this out in his book “Active Spirituality”, his study through the book of Proverbs, and endeavors to describe a spiritual life actively lived.

In each of the 22 chapters, Swindoll focuses on a number of practical qualities that he extracts from the Book of Proverbs. These include obedience, serenity, counsel, controlling your tongue, contentment, diligence, industriousness, financial accountability, and other topics.

This book provides a number of “non-devotional” looks at several of the topics of Proverbs. Swindoll presents these topics in a straight forward way with no fluff, along with some ways to directly put the concepts into action. As he points out in the conclusion of the book for himself, looking at these ways and endeavoring to implement them brings a huge personal growth.

However, most readers may not like the nuts-and-bolts “non-devotional” style. As a result, there is very little that is entertaining about this book for those that may be used to personal stories and experiences over pure Scripture. This preference speaks more to the reader of the book than it does to the author.

Overall, Active Spirituality provides a good overview of the Book of Proverbs. This book holds a wealth of good teachings regarding what a real Christian should be partaking in and living in from a practical real standpoint. Some readers may be turned off, though, by Swindoll practicing what he preaches in terms of how he presents the material.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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