The Traditional Male Role On Full Display

I’ve taken great pains over the course of this blog to describe the traditional female and traditional male gender role, and have even come up with this graphic to describe the nature of traditional marriage:

Note that I have the woman in a deific role, while the man is in a chattel role. This means the woman is thought of as a god, while the man is thought of as a worshipper, who exists as long as he is useful to a woman and then is ultimately thrown into the fire to be burned.

Ultimately with male mother need conditioning both parties from birth, both parties are willing throwing themselves into this arrangement. Women are raised to believe that their will, whims and fancy are supreme and that all needs to be fulfilled, and they are pointed to the men in their lives. Men are raised to believe that the entire worth of their lives is wrapped up in the approval of and service of women. They are taught that women are greater and men are lesser, and that consequently men are put on this earth to serve women. Women are not the image of man anymore, but beyond images of God (gods themselves). Men are not the image of God anymore, but useful tools put on this earth to serve the gods in the flesh with the construct of Marriage 2.0 as the vehicle to do so.

This leads us into a video entitled “Chad Prather: There Is Nothing Toxic About REAL Masculinity”. (H/T Boxer)

This marks the second video I’ve encountered now in the history of this blog that I couldn’t get through all the way without losing my lunch. This is the “real” masculinity that the blue-pill idiots espouse:

Respect to a woman is a deference to her. It is manliness. That’s why I bow. That’s why I open the door. Whatever you want, I got it.

What is a man? What is masculinity? It is the bowing of my head to you, it is the bowing of my will to you. That’s what a man is. That’s what masculinity is.

You yield to the will of the woman. That’s a real man…

See the slaves/cucks extolling the virtues of their own enslavement. Gentlemen, if you didn’t believe me in modeling what marriage is, believe this:

  • These are the “good men” and “real men” that you are expected to become in “marriage”.
  • Her will is supreme and she has her friends, family, church and the full force of the court system to back it up if you don’t submit to her.
  • The courtship and marriage exists to train and vet your ability to submit to a woman.
  • This is not a facet of modern feminism. Before the advent of the divorce court and child support enforcement, women used societal disapproval to punish non-compliance where the man became persona non-grata to everybody. The only difference is that Christ and the Church was replaced with the State.
  • Part of the delusion of traditional marriage is the idea that the man is the “head” of his family and that the wife will be a good loving wife who will submit to you. This “Driving Miss Daisy” submission is the hallmark of traditional marriage, where the woman in the backseat tells the driver to go somewhere and he does it.
  • Marriage 2.0 is far from Scriptural or God-honoring. His design was not for men to take women as their gods over Him, following after the sin of Adam (Genesis 3:17).
  • She is not really in love with you, but what you can do for her. Once you become useless to her, you will see exactly how “in love” she ever was with you. The marriage you thought you had will prove the sham that it always was.
  • Part of marriage is that women gain all the rights and men gain all the responsibilities. You have the burden and cost of the marriage while she doesn’t have to do anything for you in return. Everything will be your fault, while nothing she does will ever be taken into account.
  • If you are Christian and think Christian women don’t do this or believe this way, think again!

I can keep going, but the point is made. There is nothing honorable in the sight of God about “marriage” in this day and age to the point that it’s a falsehood to call it that. Men, you have nothing to gain and everything to lose in this day and age by marrying a woman.

To clarify, I’m not telling you to not marry, as I always believe it’s the man’s own choice in the end. I’m just telling you the facts on the ground, as it were. The Red and Blue Pill are before you – it’s the question of which one you will take.

7 thoughts on “The Traditional Male Role On Full Display”

  1. @ Ballista74

    A year ago I would have put my whole heart into supporting what these “blind” men have to say. Thanks to you, and others like you, I have come to understand the lies on which I was raised. 59 years old, 33 years of marriage (?), and just now I am beginning to be able to spot the nonsense myself. I thank you from the depths of my being, may GOD continue to bless you, and through you, us.

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  2. @Ballista74

    You my sir, are a much needed voice in the manosphere
    This is a fantastic article, thank you
    May God truly bless you

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  3. You have the burden and cost of the marriage while she doesn’t have to do anything for you in return. Everything will be your fault, while nothing she does will ever be taken into account.

    That is exactly what I’m living through. And when the immoral woman gets done ripping your kids lives apart and raising them like bastards without a father, everybody including her church will tell your kids that your Bible based beliefs are “abusive”, and if you try to tell your sons the truth of the matter, you’ll be denied all access to them. Pray for me. My longsuffering, patience, and faith are being tested. I have no idea whether there will be better days to come, or whether I’ll continue to be mocked, defrauded, and hated, by this world until I’m martyred, like many of my ancestors were, at the hands of the synthesized church and world.

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  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Of special interest to my Christian brothers: Ballista has a thoughtful deconstruction of traditionalism and feminism in (my new best pal) Chad Prather’s blathering. Check it out!


  5. The only disagreement I have is that the Christ and the church model is not used to make men submit to women if you plainly read the text as it is. What the Churchians and feminists have done is try to twist it into thinking it’s the husband submitting to the wife.


  6. @Sharkly

    I will have you in my prayers my brother
    I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there…..The system is sick and evil, and 100% against men, but take heart God is not mocked, the filth of feminism, persecution of men, hatred of men, and gynocentrism will be utterly annihilated by Jesus at His coming…..The greatest justice will be when a “man” sits on the throne and rules this earth with a rod of iron during the Millennium.

    This probably doesn’t help the situation you are in right now though, but you’re not alone in your grief, and rage at the false church, and feminism that is tearing this world apart with their garbage


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