Links and Comments #12

Time for another round of sharing things I’ve been reading:

Unmasking Feminism commenter Lyn87 writes on the nature of game

The problem is not that enough men don’t know how to fake masculinity as well as a Roosh or a Heartiste, it’s that forty years of feminist zeitgeist and tens of millions of single mothers have eviscerated the appreciation of masculine virtues in the western world. In short, boys and young men don’t need to learn how to fake being masculine from nihilistic snake-oil salesmen, they need to learn to be masculine by masculine men – primarily their fathers.

The Perfect Churchian Boyfriend (Source)
The Perfect Churchian Boyfriend (Source)

Unmasking Feminism – Disclaimers for Christian Men Considering Marriage (it seems we can add David Platt and Matt Chandler to the list of pastors who want men to man-up and marry the sluts)

I say all this not to be a downer and to sway men from marriage, but so they can make an informed decision. Wives are not always sunshine and lollipops. The modern Christian message is to just man-up and marry any Christian looking woman and instantly your life will be transformed into this Garden of Eden haven. Don’t be fooled. There will be no heaven on earth.

The Return Of Kings – The Men’s Right Movement is No Place For Men

Deep down, MRAs believe not only that men are victims, but that men can only advocate for their rights insofar as they are victims. Victimhood grants legitimacy. Plight makes right. Look at the issues dearest to MRAs, and you’ll find that stories of male victimhood dominate their discussions.

Donal Graeme – Church Shopping and the Race To The Bottom

So what is the moral of the story? Simple: the ability of “Christians” to church shop creates a natural pressure amongst churches to race to the bottom, to the lowest common denominator, and adopt beliefs which don’t conflict with the worldly views of members or potential members.

Unmasking Feminism – Refined and Dirt Bags

Note how there is nothing YOU-ish about the men’s group. It’s NOT about YOU, but about what you do as a husband, father, and citizen. Your utility is prized above all else.

Should Men Be Shamed Into Marrying?

According to this pastor, Paul was a self-centered failure who needed to grow up, man up and get married so he could serve God instead of being an irresponsible, messy, immature loser. Paul needed a godly wife to civilize him, but he failed in life because he stayed single and immature. This view is probably the majority view in churches today, and it probably explains why men can’t be bothered with church.

Ten Commandments of MGTOW – enough said.

SunshineMary and the Dragon commenter Frank on The relative freedom a husband has.

I look at that and wonder if it’s even possible to maintain the autonomy of being a free man within the confines of a marriage. All the sex in the world can’t make up for liberty.

Women Changed The Rules, Not Men

It really is something when you hear women complaining about how hard they have it given they brought most of these troubles upon themselves.

Single Blokes Are Better Off Staying Single

Apparently his wife is a very sweet person; but she also owns his ass. It gets to the point where I mock him to his face about how his wife is in charge of his life, and he is so sackless that he simply laughs along, even though I can see quite clearly that the jokes sting whatever pride he has left.

The Easiest Way To Overcome A Depression

But, what is important to realize is that being depressed isn’t itself important. What is truly important is to understand your own emotional self, and to try and understand what it is that makes you depressed so you can avoid it.

Until next time. I leave you with Dan The Man Stage 1 (very good) stuff.

One thought on “Links and Comments #12”

  1. Thanks for the link. I remember seeing that “Dan the Man” bit when I first found the Red Pill, and it seemed a nice encapsulation of so much of what is wrong with out society.


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