The Red Pill Guide To Dealing With Churchians

When you travel online, there’s always the possibility of getting into discussions with people. This is very much true with those that claim to be Christian. However, you will find very quickly like Necron48 did that things will often not go the way you expect as a Christian man who has given himself to the Lord and has pledged to follow His teachings. I won’t blow-by-blow what happened, mistakes made, or link there as they don’t need the traffic. I explained what Necron48 saw in a previous instance, so I thought I would offer advice for being in such an environment. So, with a H/T to RedPillPushers, which inspired this post…

Deal With Them As You Would A Woman
Remember that any of the Red Pill advice you hear about women applies to almost anyone claiming to be Christian. Women are incapable of being objective, are solipsistic and take no responsibility for their actions. 90%+ of the time, you will find this to be correct. None of this changes when a woman becomes a “Christian”. Given the control women have exerted over men, it shouldn’t be a surprise that in this day and age, Christianity as it is typically practiced is of women, by women, and for women. Since the men have all most likely have been cowed into submission to their wives in their marriages, this is a safe assumption out of the men as well.

Stay in the Authority of God’s Words
As feminism is expressed in Churchian circles via the goddess/worshipper model of traditional feminism, the perception of women will take hold as doctrine. Much of this blog has documented such changes in solid doctrine to kowtow to the feelings of women. As things have grown, the Personal Jesus has taken over any view of objective truth, and Churchians will follow what they want instead of submit themselves to Christ and His ways.

Since Churchians feel, can not think objectively and consequentially can not recognize a standard for conduct, they will place tradition, reason, and their own experience in either equal place or above Scripture. Coupled with typical feminist doctrine, reflecting moral relativism, the Churchian will define the world and God by their own devices instead of looking to Scripture as the guideposts of their life. This is evidenced by the act of quoting Scripture being “triggering” to the people Necron48 dealt with, they are placing their own experiences over Scripture. They will generally only look to Scripture to bolster their own ways and interests. A great example is a woman rejecting the Biblical mandates to submit to her own husband because “men are abusers” (she or a friend had this happen to them). Where your truth is different than my truth, no one is wrong and no one can be challenged because it’s taken as an assault.

For one that desires to be about God, Jesus gives us the example in Matthew 4:1-11. Note all Jesus does in the face of opposition is quote Scripture. A tin pot authority (which each of us are) can not compare to the authority of God. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Since the typical Churchian is pretty dull-witted about Scripture (he/she has no use for it other than to affirm themselves) and will also misinterpret it for their own ends, find something relatively simple and straight-forward and don’t cloud the issue.

Do not deviate by going into your own experiences, thoughts, or traditions you have learned, or give credence to the experiences of others as it cedes ground and places the battleground on their home turf and opens you up to typical feminist shaming tactics (if they don’t already engage you with them). And above all, stay calm and firmly state the truth. Ultimately, since they are solipsistic, they can not imagine that others think differently than them.

Don’t Belabor the Point
When you engage people in a discussion with these things in mind, you can usually tell pretty quickly that you won’t get anywhere. In reading the discussion, I noticed many many red-flags that things wouldn’t go anywhere productive long before “the dog house” happened. Often, you can even read comments and posts in a place, see red-flags and know your message won’t be received before you even make your first post. Wisdom is learning when people will hear you, and when things will be as this:

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. (Matthew 7:6)

This is what happened to Necron48. Ultimately when you see a red-flag, the only thing you can do is shake off your feet and move on (Mark 6:11). You can’t argue someone into a point, because all it generally does is set them deeper into their own position. We are never meant to be arguers or convincers, but simply heralds. Deliver the message of the King, but if they won’t receive you or hear you, move on. It’s better in the end.