Single Missionary Man

Churches/families/others tend to support women more than men with monetary donations for missions. Women in need are worthy of support, but men are not.

FWIW, I had an opportunity as prompted by this post to ask someone I know who was a single man in the mission field (he ultimately married, so he’s been both single and married while doing this) about some of the issues involved here. The main question I asked was whether he found his mission work impeded in any way by being a single man. This means if he found he was “more effective” in reaching people as a married man, as well as whether it affected his ability to solicit donations from churches or the amounts. This is what he relayed:

1. He stated that the above quote is false in his experience. No doors were opened after he was married in terms of ability to solicit and he did not experience more financial giving after he was married. It seems people judge more on the work being done than the status of the person doing the work. Of course, this is only one data point – a comparison between what he received as a single man versus what a single woman in a comparable mission field has received would be more useful.

2. However, what he did notice in solicitations was more of a personal conversational interest which reflects more of a well-being concern, stemming from what has been noted time and time again on numerous blogs.

What did change for him from a being a single man to being married is this:

1. Being an American (and otherwise very unremarkable in every other measure), he was an alpha in the manospherian parlance, so the native women were continually throwing themselves at him in hopes he would marry them and bring them to America with him. He counted this as a major handicap in his ability to do the work he was sent to do.

2. He noted the usual concern (well noted everywhere) of a single man being alone with a (possibly) married woman in a situation and the resulting appearance of evil, and the real need to be sure he would not be placed into that position, especially considering #1 and the possibility that some of those native women would be married.

3. Then there was the usual case of being alone and having to gain enough friendship and trust from some of the natives in case he walked into a situation where he needed to have someone watch his back (think possible unsafe/violent situations).

I will leave conclusions and discussions to the reader.


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