Welcome To This Blog

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Hello everyone to this new blog. While this post won’t be as complete as I would like (for now – I’ll go back to edit it soon), the main purpose of this blog is to serve as a more personal outlet than the The Society of Phineas did where I can put things outside of my current blogging plans when the mood strikes.

While you will see some content that would have gone onto that blog, along with some formal re-edits of some of the old material that did go on the blog, you’ll see much more from my personal interests. My goal with both the old blog and the new one is to put God solely to the forefront.

But more or less, you never know what you might see here. Hope you stick around and see what comes along. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Welcome To This Blog”

  1. Posts will be glacial in terms of time coming (gearing back up, but also that most of what I have on hand is book-oriented), but hopefully things can start up soon.


  2. @Moose Norseman
    While I won’t be anywhere near to “fully back” for quite some time, you’ll see posts once in every great while. In fact, I’m working on some things that will eventually become posts or something that people will know about from here.


  3. @Kate
    Good to be back around. And I’m always glad to hear if I’m making a difference, somehow (hopefully it has and will be more than that). If you can, I’m hoping you have some thoughts on this, as it reflects something I’m hoping to start on wholesale very soon (been trying to clear some old SoP posts – new content though – to get onto this blog at the moment).


  4. @WillS
    You’re welcome. While I’m not “fully” back for not having steady Internet access (hence the comment moderation and scheduling of posts), at least the option is there to post things when I am able to. If not, hopefully clearing out the edit queue of the old blog will be appreciated, and those that need to see the material will see it.


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