Feminism: Unleashing The Feral Woman

Those that have been paying attention in other venues will know I’ve been circulating a video of Glenn Stanton, the director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, (H/T) teaching about the traditional feminist model of marriage.

The Marriage Glenn Stanton Defends
The Marriage Glenn Stanton Defends

Normally it isn’t that remarkable as it’s been the model of Focus On The Family Female for a long time. James Dobson teaches a similar model and so does John Eldredge (he worked for Focus On The Family Female for 12 years). The remarkable part of the video, where Stanton gives a talk before the North Dakota Family Alliance, is how brazen and open he is about championing the anti-God feminist agenda with respect to marriage, and how openly he seeks to destroy the God-given model of marriage.

One theme that will come out in this commentary (as does many others on the nature of Marriage 2.0) is how the woman is enabled in her sin. Those that may remember, Glenn Stanton’s famous quote about the nature of women in violation of Romans 3:23 and Titus 2:3-5 does such a thing. Such a statement, along with others you’ll find in this video are a huge hat-tip that they are following the traditional feminist model, wherein the woman is considered the pure reflection of the beauty and glory of God.

[6:46] Marriage. And feminism. Now, we have two different views of women in the culture today, and we’re very clear about what those are. On one side, we have a group of people, they’re called feminists, and they care about women. They promote women, they defend women, they help women go out into the world and accomplish everything that they can accomplish. Feminists are the women’s friends. Over on this side, we have Christians. Christians, I don’t know if you knew, they really kind of do hate women. They make the women sit in the back. They never let them talk. You know, husbands are the heads of the household. So they, you know, they make all the demands and the woman does everything that the husband tells her to do. Women in the Christian church may be even second class citizens. So those are the two views that we have on women. This is the very high loving caring view, and this is the just horrible evil view.

What I want to talk about is actually we have those things exactly wrong. That feminists, radical feminists, are actually have been most harmful towards women more than anything has been in the last 40 years. Good. That Christians properly understood have been women’s best friends. You’ve got the smart people over here that say that Christianity has not been good to women . . . In Christianity, Christianity is the one global belief system that took the radical position that women bear the image of God. There’s no feminist anywhere that will say such a radical dramatic thing about the value of a woman. And that Christianity where ever it goes it has elevated the role of women. It’s just a clear practical historical fact. Cultural fact.

To that end, much of what is happening is not true anti-feminism, but a competition between different camps of feminism (or an ideology that doesn’t honor God’s hierarchy). This is Stanton’s appeal – not for the true Christian faith, but for traditional feminism. The war here is between Marxist feminism and traditional feminism. “We’re really the ones that are your friends, women.” says Stanton. You do better engaging your sinful natures here, women.

It should be well noted that there has been a huge sea-change in thought within the churches since the advent of Marxist feminism. Consequently there’s been a resistance to following Biblical feminist dictates. Note what Stanton casts as the “evil view”: Husbands are the heads of household. Women are supposed to submit to their own husbands. The Biblical model of marriage is indeed under attack by the Marxist feminists. But it is under attack by agents such as Stanton and the other family defense groups as well.

“But we don’t believe in that Biblical stuff. That stuff is evil. But we’re good.”

Stanton continues:

[9:45] Now you have the feminists and I want to talk about three things, tenets, in feminist social philosophy that have been put out there that are supposed to be good for women. One was, if women are really going to be strong and independent, that they have to meet men on their own terms sexually. So they said, women jump out in there into the marketplace, the sexual marketplace, and you just be as aggressive as the guys are. That’s how you are going to assert yourself. It has not worked. We have the hookup culture now, and we’re going to talk about why this has not worked. But women are not like men. They are actually sexually more mature, more sophisticated, more reasonable, and we’re going to talk about that.

Note another quote here that mirrors Stanton’s original quote about women. Women are more holy and more righteous than men. Women are naturally good. Men are not. But the point taken here is that women were told by the Marxist feminists to jump out there into the sexual market place. Stanton will give opportunity to address the concept of the sexual marketplace more later, but note the Marxist feminists are encouraging fornication.

[12:48] With the pill and with abortion, what happened? My sexual activity has a consequence. After the pill, it’s like you know what, sister you could have taken the pill, in fact you should of, and that’s on you. And if your pill didn’t work, then you’ve got abortion. I’m free. I got no obligations. And what George Akerlof, was finding, that’s what he wanted to investigate, that’s exactly what happened. So, the pill did not embolden, and strengthen and set free the woman. It did set her free basically from the provision, care, protection, stepping up and taking responsibility of the man. Little bit after that we had something called the feminization of poverty. DO you know why? Mom has a baby, dad’s taken off. Mom doesn’t tend to do real well, economically. The next one is versus setting sex free, being sexually aggressive, ladies that’s what you need to do to be really independent and strong, the other is that you gotta have the pill, you gotta have abortion and that’s what’s going to make you strong.

Abortion, pill, fornication, and the feminization of poverty.

[14:10] The next one is you have got to not marry men if you want to be with a man cohabitate with him. Cohabit with him. That puts you both on equal level. If you want to leave and things get bad, boom you’re gone. Marriage is you chaining yourself to this man. Basically, and this is what the radical feminists say, is you are his slave. In fact, there’s some of the really radical feminists who say that marital sex is rape because the man is dominating the woman and she can’t go anywhere. But in cohabitation she is an equal player. Make some reasonable sense in a sense but actually the opposite happened.

There’s really not much left to address in this section of Glenn Stanton’s talk, as he’s mostly being pretty agreeable in that these things present problems. But he’s missing something, that I’ve hinted at continually through this post.

These things are happening due to the enabling of the feral woman, by people who believe as Stanton does.

Notice how Stanton paints the women as the victim in all of this at the hands of men? When men have taken away the Biblical limits of women, in light of this ideological notion that “women left to themselves will develop into good women, more responsible women, just naturally, for various reasons and we could talk about that. But men have to be taught how to lead”, don’t be surprised that there will be consequences. All of these things happening in the society and the church are proofs that scream to the heavens against Stanton’s quote.

All these things happened for men falling into the sin of Adam, listening to women when they should have listened to God. It is natural that the enabling of the feral nature of women will bring nothing but problems of this nature. The Book of Oprah is established gospel in Churchianity and Glenn Stanton preaches it. If women reflect the beauty and glory of God, then the motives of women are pure, as shimmering crystals. Therefore, they must have whatever they want.

Stanton and others can not see that these things were pushed for by women in the name of breaking free of the shackles of “patriarchy”. They are shaking their fists at God and men in rebellion. They don’t want to be held down by men, or by the dictates of God. Hence the ability to set their own price in the sexual marketplace. Hence, the Pill and abortion. Hence, cohabitation. Hence, no-fault divorce. A woman can’t be tied down to no man. A woman especially can’t be made to answer to a man.

(2013-10-23) feminist-theory

As we will see, Stanton does not seek to quash the rebellion of women against God. Instead of listening to God, Stanton follows in the footsteps of Adam and listens to woman, painting them as victims. Many men in the church, unfortunately, have done the same in enabling the Marxist rebellion to cross into the church. But what does Stanton seek to do? It’s hinted at as well:

[12:30] A shotgun wedding was another name for the man doing right by the woman. Things happened, she’s pregnant. I’m going to step up and I’m going to take responsibility for my actions.

All these things are happening because men just won’t man up, step up, grow up, and rescue and fight for the beauty. Women just don’t have responsibility for their actions, their pure motives frustrated by the evil will of men.

Therein lies the danger of traditional feminism to men. Note that everything in the traditional feminist economy has to do with the responsibility of men. Everything has to do with the failures of men. Women are without sin in the economy of Glenn Stanton and others in the traditional feminist movement. The traditional feminist movements that are out there for the preservation of the family aren’t out there to return it to Biblical guidelines, by quashing the rebellion of women in society.

The goal of these family groups is to enforce the subjugation of men to women in marriage.

As Glenn Stanton says, Marriage (2.0) is indeed a feminist institution. And this point will be made clearer as the discussion progresses.

18 thoughts on “Feminism: Unleashing The Feral Woman”

  1. good post.

    Ballista, something you didn’t point out is just how subtle all this is. Your post proves that modern Christianity as expressed and practiced in the US now is fully feminist in thought and ideology. But what you should point out is how hard this is to see. They say the “right” things, like “oh, we agree with biblical submission, we agree that the husband must be head, etc. etc.” Where they go wrong is massaging and manipulating the scripture in practice to things like “mutual submission” and “dealing with the wife in an understanding way.” Translated, of course, this is “top from the bottom” and “you men are really just mean tyrants, and you need to be nicer to your wives”.

    Even more ominously, it’s “give us wives what we want, or we’ll leave the churches and take our volunteer time and our money with us. Give us what we want, or we will refuse to have sex with our husbands. Give us what we want, or we will divorce our husbands because they won’t love us as Christ loved the church and give themselves up for us.”


  2. Also, the things Stanton is saying about women just naturally being “more sexually mature, more sophisticated, more reasonable” is a very, very subtle way of saying “women don’t sin. Or at least their sins are less damaging than men’s and they can repent of sin easier and get back on track faster and better than men can”.

    This is of course very damaging because in the Church, when we say things like this, we give women moral authority for headship. After all, if she is more sexually mature, more sophisticated and more reasonable, shouldn’t SHE be the head? If she is these things then SHE should make the rules for the family. SHE should make the rules for the marital bed – when sex will happen, how it will happen, and what the husband must do to “qualify” for sex. If she is these things then SHE should be the spiritual head of the family.


  3. Stanton will suffer for his apostacy and false prophesy. When Christ says “Get thee hence, I know you not”…that will be worse than any gunshot or stab wound for when those words are uttered at their judgement, all hope and love will be lost and Stanton will then know the hell that he has reeked upon his congregation and fellow Christian men.


  4. These things are happening due to the enabling of the feral woman, by people who believe as Stanton does.

    Of course. He has 4 daughers and just one son. He has a wife who would have frivorced him (still will I think) if he does not make her whole with what she believes is sufficent financial resources. Are you not surprised he speaks in these terms? It would cost him dearly not to…


  5. Feral feminist are indeed running amok in our Churches and hireling pastors/Ministers hold sway. They are backed up by spineless Elders and Deacons. All the while men leave the “American Churchianity religion in droves. There is a house church that meets on my block they seem to attract Men. My brother Pastors we should not be worrying about feeeelings but preaching and teaching the truth from the Word of God.


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